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Metabolic Balance® is a programme that was developed in Germany by doctors and nutritionists. It is well established both there and in Austria and Switzerland, and was introduced to the UK in 2008. Last year it received justified recognition in the UK when Boy George attributed his dramatic weight-loss to Metabolic Balance. Others such as Jemma Kidd, Julian Clary, Anna Murphy, Anita Bhagwandas and Laurel Ives have also come on board with Metabolic Balance. It is a healthy eating programme for weight management and wellbeing. Following a simple blood test, Metabolic Balance® uses your blood analysis, together with details of any health issues, your measurements and desired weight, to generate a plan specifically for you. No two plans are the same. There are no expensive meal replacements to buy, and no weight-loss pills or powders to take. You eat three nutritious meals a day, as determined by your blood test, with no calorie counting or fasting necessary. Meals are based on foods that you can buy in your local supermarket.

Metabolic Balance is designed to work by adjusting your individual body chemistry, balancing hormonal production primarily by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces, thus promoting fat-burning.

Metabolic Balance® is a 4 phase programme.
Phase 1: A 2 day gentle detox
Phase 2: Strict adjustment phase. This takes a minimum of 2 weeks. During this time clients often see improvements in energy as well as weight loss
Phase 3: Relaxed phase. Further foods are added into your plan and reactions are monitored. During this phase clients often report further improvements in wellbeing, weight loss and energy levels. Occasional treat meals can be enjoyed without ruining your new look or reduced weight.
Phase 4: Maintenance phase. This begins when you are happy with your health, your energy and your new figure.

It's time for you to get back in control.

Step One: Contact Lesley to book your appointment. You will determine whether Metabolic Balance is suitable for you, establish your targets, record data and measurements, and discuss arrangements for blood samples to be taken. The test will be a complete metabolic profile and must be a fasting sample taken in the morning after avoiding food for 12 hours.
Step two: Your blood samples are analysed at a private medical laboratory in London. Once the values from your analysis have been received by your coach, your individual dietary plan will be created. Turnaround time from your blood test is usually around 7 days.
Step Three: You will receive your plan and in a face-to-face consultation Lesley will discuss the four phases involved that will help you achieve success, and ensure you understand all the information. Support will be provided for a minimum of 3 months, and once the desired results have been achieved it will become noticeable to many.

Your Metabolic Balance® coach
It is important on any programme that you stay focused. Lesley will offer both encouragement and advice, and will help you achieve your goals. Distance is not a problem. Once the first face-to-face consultations have taken place, to discuss your programme in detail, subsequent support sessions can be provided over the telephone or via email if necessary. This can be particularly useful if you live outside Suffolk. If you do live locally, there will be regular face-to-face meetings for the duration of your 3 month programme. Email and telephone support are available between sessions. Consultations are usually offered on a one-to-one basis, but if you have a friend or partner who also wants to try the programme with you, then you may choose to share these support sessions and qualify for a reduction in price.

Please ring or email to discuss this further without any obligation. Lesley would encourage you to join others who have found an increased sense of well-being and achieved their ideal weight.

Metabolic Balance Prices:
Metabolic Balance® programme: The price quoted is a one-off payment that covers blood biochemistry tests, laboratory analysis, personal dietary plan (designed according to your own blood results), consultations and ongoing support from a qualified practitioner.

Basic package: Includes blood test & analysis (worth £245), your plan (worth £165), the initial meeting, 3 further consultations and email support. All for just £525

Some clients only need the 3 consultations which I why I offer a far lower package price than you will find elsewhere. However, clients do have the option of continuing with short consultations for weighing and measuring, for as long as they feel they need them. This gives the opportunity to ask questions and provides continued support and motivation where it is needed. These sessions are charged individually at £25 per session.

A small reduction in these prices is available if you share support sessions and consultations with a friend or partner

Contact me to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment.

Call on 01449 674048 or 07904 084025

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